Monday, December 3, 2007

The Scrapbook Junkie

Pictured - Back Row: Me, Brenda, Michelle, Phyllis, Dianne.
Front Row: Paula & Cheryl

This pass weekend I had the pleasure of joining some friends (and making new friends) at The Scrapbook Junkie in Weber TX. Earlier this year when I attended Scrapfest in Covington La, I met a lady who approached me to see where at in TX I lived as she too lived in the TX area. As it turn out, she lived near me and she contact me for us to meet up and scrap at a local scrapbook store (Maridawn's). At the store, she & her friend Brenda invited me to be a part of a scrapbook weekend that they were planning with some LA friends right here in Houston. So, that is how this all came about! To make a long story short (yeah, right!!!). We scrapped Friday 10 - 12, Saturday 9 - 2, and Sunday 9 - 5! Each day we made an awesome make & take. We also met some other scrappers while there and I will be meeting with a couple of them to scrap from time to time together. I am really loving living here in Katy and having a lot of fun making new friends... I didn't do any scrapping in my albums but I did get a lot of gifts done (19 to be exact)! Now that I am home, I plan on that being my last scrapbooking event until after the 1st of the year. I need to get through Christmas & New Year's... Here are the things that I did while on my weekend getaway at the Scrapbook Junkie and the fantastic group of ladies that I scrapped with!


"Starburst" said...

I am so proud of you, for getting something accomplished. You are finally starting to learn how to get things done and stopped talking and shopping so much!!! All of your projects turned out really cute!!! I still have a few christmas cards to make, so maybe I will be finish by New Years....ha ha ha dont laugh at me if you dont get your Christmas Card till after the first of the year.

PATTY said...

Wow! Patty you sound lot you are having a lot of fun. All of your projects looks so awesome.

Girl I can't believe that you got 19 projects done, did they have to tape your mouth shut. LOL


Cathy said...

the nerve of those other commenters to say something about you talking so much - - i don't know what would give them that idea. anyway, i am so glad you are loving it where you are and making so many friends. and your 2work - - it's absolutely awesome. keep up the good work.