Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Flip Book

This is posted for Vera Holloway of "Scrapolicious" located in Thibodaux. She held a class at Scrapfest that I took but due to lack of time, we were unable to complete our project and had to do it on our own time. I was determine to finish it and wanted to duplicate her masterpiece as much as possible because she has a gift of creativity that is totally different from what I am use to doing. Everyone in the class had the tall flip books but Lisa & I had the short ones. Anyway, I finish it and I am proud of how it turn out. I still have to put pictures on it but here it is anyway. Hope you like it Vera and if any of my friends are in the Thibodaux area, go check out her store! Patty


-Cathy said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely love it. girl, you should submit it to one of those magazines...i know they'll publish it. it looks soooo good...i might have to try to make one now. hehe

Vera Holloway said...

Patty!! Thanks so much for the post! I really love the way your little book came out...beautiful!! I wish you were closer too!! Hope to see you at the next Scrapfest! I had a blast meeting you and your crew!! You guys are so much fun...I really hope to see you guys soon!
All my love,