Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night I received an email that one of my favorite local scrapbooking stores in town is closing! However, on a happier note--I did have a chance to go by the store today and take advantage of some of the great sales! In addition to all the purchases that I made today, I also purchase a double paper rack for my new scrapbook room... Now, I am busy setting my room up and trying to get organized. Anyway, I would just like to encourage everyone to support the local scrapbook stores in town. I am the 1st person who wants to get a sale or a good deal, but one thing that you cannot buy is the support and knowledge that you get from our scrapbook stores!!!!


PATTY said...

Sorry to hear that a scrapbook store in your area is closing. I can't wait for Scrapbook Friendzee to open on the westbank. I agree we all must support the scrapbook stores.


mineyskiney said...

Peppermint Patty:

Look at you girl - I am really enjoying reading you and Paper Piecing Patty's blog. I tried to comment the other day, but messed up on my password and just had to create another account. Your scrapping room is really nice and it looks like you have a lot of room to spread out. Like the paper bins - those are really nice - bet you like them too. I am on vacation and getting ready to go to Sugah's house in a few days. Hoping to scrap, but packing up all the scrapbooking stuff and traveling is a bummer - I haven't mastered that yet. We just have so much stuff and I want to bring it ALL!!!!!!

Love, Liz

Cathy said...

wow! very nice. i'm still trying to get mine together. the scrapbook store here has a new owner and she is so pumped up about it. she is constantly doing fun things - - always something going on and she keeps in touch by e-mail so she is good about getting the word out.

Renee Poulsen said...

Hi Patty,

This blog looks great and I love your scrapbooking room! You'll be getting caught up with your albums in no time. I haven't made it to Maridawn's yet. Hoping to get there by tomorrow.